current OFFERS

A summary of the current offers and urgent is displayed in this section. For the more specific requirements of the wildlife organisations check out their specific information pages here.


The section below provides a list of all that is currently offered to support the wildlife organisations and their carers. If you have anything you consider useful, please don't hesitate to let us know.

If you are a wildlife carer and interested in any of the items please contact us via the links in the table below and we will forward your details to the person/organisation who is/are offering support.


Updated: 13 August 2009

Category / Offer Information
CARE SUPPLIES (CARE) - Goods that are relevant for animal care.
Animal pouches
All wildlife shelters that are registered with DSE can order animal pouches via Wildlife Supplies. Contact Julie on 0458 012 967.
Nest Boxes

The Pakenham / Koo Wee Rup Men's shed is in the process of making Nesting Boxes to be placed in trees in burnt out areas to help with the recovery of any Wild Life. Do you have a need for any? If so let us know and we'll see what can be done to help.

MEDICAL SUPPLIES (MEDI) - Medical supplies that are being offered. This includes pharmacy, bandages and medical tools and equipment.
Medical Supplies
Both The Alfred (contact Ned MacDonald) and Caulfield Hospital (contact Denise Lee) have indicated that they are willing to donate medical supplies and hospital tools and equipment.
BUILDING MATERIAL (BDNG) - All building related materials that are on offer.
Concrete pipes
Rocla in Campbellfield has donated16 concrete pipes that can be used in wombat and/or other enclosures. Pipes are 2400mm long and 450mm internal diameter.
COMMUNICATION (COMM) - All products that are relevant for communication. Examples are phone, computer, fax, scanner, gps, etc.
Any wildlife shelter who has a need for a phone fax, we have an as good as new Brother Plain Paper (A4) Fax-920, including one extra refill-roll. Support for Telstra FaxStream Duet.