There are many volunteers involved in helping injured wildlife. An overview of the organisations involved in Victoria can be found below.

Chum Creek Wildlife Shelter
Monbulk Wildlife Shelter
Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter
Plenty Gorge Wildlife Shelter
Toolangi Wildlife Shelter
More coming...
Kim Hunter, Kinglake
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Sewing For Wildlife
The Nestbox Factory
Wildlife Supplies
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Many animals have recently been rescued from the burned areas by hundreds of very hard working volunteers. Some of them are still in care with wildlife carers.It cannot be stressed enough that without them the majority of these animals would face a certain death.

In Victoria there are about 340 licenced wildlife shelters and 360 registered animal foster carers (20 February 2009).



Click here for a complete overview of the current needs of the wildlife rescue and support organisations, possibilities to donate and other suggestions how to help.