Sewing for Wildlife


Location: Coldstream, Victoria
Country: Australia

Information: 0412 279 053



23 April 2009 - With a team of over 130 women (yes correct - no men ;o) Carolyn has instigated the construction of 12 different wildlife pouches. These have been made with over 2.000 meters of materials kindly donated by others.

The count stands over 7,500 with demand calling for still more. These pouches are being made by volunteers, and being distributed free to wildlife carers with a Department of Sustainability and Environment license.

28 February 2009 - Together with a group of hardworking volunteers Carolyn Rogers has already produced more than 2,500 pouches for injured animals. At this moment at least 6,000 are required.

17 February 2009 - Carolyn Rogers from Coldstream (VIC) is calling for help to make life more comfortable for wildlife injured in the devastating bushfires by making pouches for a variety of animals. For more information call Carolyn on 0412 279 053 or 03 9739 1967.


Sewing for Wildlife is an initiative of Carolyn Rogers and currently arguably the most active pouch producing group in Victoria (if not Australia). With a team working from the base in Coldstream and others working from home.

If you have a sewing machine (and can use it) and some spare time please give Carolyn a call (see contact information on the left). With the fire affected areas becoming accessible to rescuers and more and more injured (young) animals taken into the wildlife centers there is an increasing need for pouches. You can download Wildlife Pouch Patterns from her website.

If you are a DSE registered Wildlife Shelter or Foster Carer you have access to these pouches and other wildlife needs. Please phone Julie at Wildlife Supplies on 0458 012 967 (Wildlife Carers from Victoria, Australia only).








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