Southern Ash

P: 03 5165 3583 

Carer: Colleen Wood (and others)
Rawson, Victoria
Animals: Mainly koala's

Focus: Rescue, Recovery and Rehabilitation



18 February 2009 - We have received a mother and baby Greater Glider (possum) which is an endangered species. Both have suffered severe burns.

14 February 2009 - There are currently 49 koala's, and more are arriving soon.


The Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter is a volunteer based shelter with hard working people who give their time for the care of injured native wildlife. It was the home of Sam (Samantha) who was in the care of Colleen Wood. Sam had 3rd degree burns as do many of the other koalas that are now at the shelter.

wildlife treated
Most of the animals we receive are koala's. Most of them have 3rd degrees burns to paws, ears, pouches, bottoms and eyes. In average they require 4 to 6 months recovery time. Some koala's will be in the shelter for over a year. After recovery they will be released back into the wild subject to locating suitable habitat.


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