Diamond Creek

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E: wallabies@optusnet.com.au
P: 0419 546 804

Carer: Sue Kirwan
Diamond Creek, Victoria
Animals: Birds, echidna's, possums, wombats and young kangaroos.

Focus: Rescue / Recovery



8 April 2009 - Our latest rescued Fire Victim is a very young Echidna (see Gallery) that we found wandering around Strathewen on Saturday night. He has some infected wounds from burns from the fires. Prognosis is good.

7 April 2009 - The Sugar Glider has now gone on to another shelter for its final stage of rehabilitation. Our wombat is doing well and her back has healed well. Still a bit thin but we are trying to fatten her up.

Still doing food drops in burn't areas as there are a lot of animals that require feeding. Still trying to source money for feed as I am getting a lot of requests from locals in fire affected areas for food. 

4 April 2009 - We had a baby echidna come in tonight from Strathewen. It has wounds that are the results of burns. Prognosis is good. It has been to the vet and is currently on anti-biotics. So still getting in fire affected animals.

11 February 2009 - John the joey (see lead image) was rescued from the fires and stayed with Sue during his initial care. John is currently staying at the Coldstream Wildlife Shelter as he needed quite a bit of intensive care. He is doing ok now.

8 February 2009 - From today (one day after Black Saturday) Sue has been involved with Help for Wildlife in the search and rescue of Native Animals, food drops and other assistance to Fire Affected areas not just in her community but across the State of Victoria.



Sue Kirwan who operates and heads the Diamond Creek Wildlife Shelter, has been a dedicated wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator for more than 20 years. She is a qualified Nurse.

Her work involves hand raising orphaned native animals, rescuing, rehabilitating and re-locating wildlife as well as being an outspoken and active advocate for the well being and ongoing long term issues relating to wildlife issues such as habitat conservation and cohabitation with our wonderful native creatures both great and small.

Her passion is public education about the values of the environment and the importance of looking after what we have for future generations.

Since the fires, Sue has been involved in food drops, rescuing, liasing, organizing and nursing back to health and rearing a number of different species of wildlife that have come from fire affected areas across the state. Some of the animals have included Koalas, Greater Gliders, Sugar Gliders, Feather Tail Gliders, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, Possums to name just a few. Some of these animals will need long term care.

Some of the bushfire victims are currently taken care of in the Diamond Creek Wildlife Shelter which is supervised by Sue Kirwan.


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