Chum Creek

P: 0402 755 462

Carer: Belinda Gales
Chum Creek, Victoria
Animals: Mainly wombats and kangaroos but taking in others as well.

Focus: Rescue and Recovery



7 February 2009 - During the Black Saturday fires Belinda lost her brand new (community funded and built) wildlife nursery. She needs all the help she can get to get her back on track again. Please contact us if you want to offer your help. Read more...



Belinda Gales of the Chum Creek Wildlife Shelter absolutely adores all types of animals. Her work history shows this! She has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for over fifteen years and has worked in all manner of Hospitals, kennels, stables and animal welfare organisations. These include the RSPCA and small and large private Veterinary practices.

Belinda is also a Qualified Zoo Keeper and has worked in Veterinary Hospitals within Zoos and Wildlife Sanctuaries, both at the Healesville Sanctuary and in NSW at the Western Plains Zoo. Besides that she has been training Australian seals at the Marine Mammal Dept of Taronga Zoo.

Belinda is also heading a Licensed Wildlife Shelter, and has been rescuing, rehabilitating and hand raising orphaned Australian wildlife species for over ten years. During the recent bushfires she has lost the complete (only three week old) wildlife nursery, but due to decisive and fast acting saved all the animals and herself.

An impression about the damage of the recent bushfires and the plans to rebuild the Chum Creek Wildlife Shelter can be found in the gallery below..


Wildlife Bushfire Appeal