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12 March 2009 - The February bushfires have left their devastation on our native animals. Wildlife Victoria volunteers are continuing their work in all fire damaged grounds performing search, rescue, rehabilitation and food drops. 100s of animals have been taken in for treatment and rehabilitation, with more coming in all the time.

7 February 2009 - Unfortunately we have had news that up to six wildlife shelters have lost their homes including the animal shelters that they run voluntarily - our hearts go out to them at this time. We will do whatever we can to support them during this very difficult time and work with them following this horrible season with whatever they need.


Wildlife Victoria Inc. is a not for profit and volunteer based organisation that has been at the forefront of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Victoria since its formation in 1989.

Wildlife Victoria provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week wildlife rescue and information service. Wildlife Victoria also maintains a wildlife care and communication network across Victoria which assists wildlife rehabilitators.

The Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal has collected just over $3,000,000 which over the previous and coming months was and will be carefully allocated to those who need it most. Initial allocation of the available funds is as follows (status 21 April 2009):

Allocations during the bushfires


Over $50,000 has already been granted as initial support for Wildlife Shelters and Foster Carers caring for injured animals.

  $500 to $1,000 per Wildlife Shelter and Foster Carer.

Approximately $150,000 has been allocated to expected reimbursement claims from shelter operators who are caring for fire victims. The claim form will be available via the website and is open to any licensed shelter or foster carer to apply. Claimants will have to present original receipts so WV are reminding them to hold onto these to make the application process easier.

  Licensed carers need to apply - details will appear on the WV website shortly.

An initial $50,000 has been allocated for food drops in the various fire-affected regions.

  Currently accounts are open in 17 locations (see map).

There are currently 11 Wildlife Shelters with varying degrees of damage due to the bushfires. A total of 10% (or $300,000) of the donations has been allocated. However this may be reviewed at a later stage according to the needs of the shelters.

  Claims will be considered on an individual basis.

The costs for supplies and drugs during the rescue and recovery operation is still being calculated. Wildlife Victoria expect that the total may be around $50,000, however they have budgeted more.


For rescue operations the following items (with approximate costs) were required:
- Two way radio's (over $6,000 worth of radios to ensure the safety of our volunteer in the field )
- Fire resistant uniforms (approximately 50 at $180 each), some support to purchase fire boots for those in financial hardship.
- Other costs were: accommodation for teams who travelled to help in areas a long way from home, tree climbers fees, petrol costs for volunteers who were travelling vast distances in their role.


For the complete administration and organisation of the rescue activities during the bushfires a preliminary allocation has been made of 9% (or close to $270,000) of the incoming donations.  WV are committed to try to reduce even this low percentage.


Planned allocations


Investment in research and future disaster response strategy. If there is a moment to learn from the recent bushfires then this is the time.

  Planning and strategy for releasing the results of this study.

Emergency phone service upgrade and development to ensure disaster response capabilities.


Future funds


All unused donations will be held available for future disaster responses.  No part of the remaining monies will be allocated outside of a disaster response context.



By using a comprehensive networking system of wildlife shelters, Wildlife Victoria rescuers and transporters, emergency services, government agencies and commercial operators, we are able to respond swiftly and effectively to all manner of wildlife rescue situations, from orphaned ducklings to injured adult kangaroos.

The current fires have left its devastation on our wildlife including the loss of up to six wildlife shelters to the fires. Wildlife Victoria is trying to ascertain the safety of other shelters in the fire areas and to offer support and help with evacuation of animals already in their care if they need it.

Wildlife Victoria has setup accounts with produce stores in various locations. For more information see special section on the homepage.

Sandy Fernée (Executive Officer) has confirmed that in the context of helping wildlife carers with the consequences of the bushfires Wildlife Victoria will make no difference between members and non-members.



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