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Location: Coldstream, Victoria
Country: Australia

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23 February 2009 - This week we are concentrating on the Yarra Valley and after this weekend will re-establish our command centre within this area and continue to do the best we can for our wildlife in need.

We have a number of adult kangaroos and wallabies who are being cared for and treated by teams of volunteers assisting the carers. These kangaroos and wallabies were rescued by the Help for Wildlife Bushfire Response Teams, treated at the mobile Response Unit and Intensive care facility which was set up at the Whittlesea showgrounds then when stabilised, moved out to the carer teams. Other senior carers have Greater Gliders, koalas, sugar gliders, and wombats in care. One kangaroo being treated, much to the amazement and delight of the carer team in Monbulk gave birth to a tiny joey the other day which is somewhat of a miracle and much cause for celebration that life goes on.

The Help for Wildlife Bushfire response team continue to be active in the fire affected areas of Kinglake and surrounds.. many calls are coming in to attend to burnt kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, greater gliders, sugar gliders, reptiles and echidna's which make up the majority of the species needing help at this stage. The kangaroos and wallabies now coming out of the fire area are severely affected with burns and are also starving and thirsty as there is no food or water for them in the burnt areas. We are doing food drops and leaving water out for them and also are helping out with any domestic animals we come across and working very closely with the local residents.

12 February 2009 - Fires throughout Victoria at the moment have been devastating for our wildlife. Any that do survive will have lost their homes and food source. It will take at least 3 months for new growth to cover the charred trees.
Wildlife encountered around homes on the fringes of the fire affected areas will be dehydrated, frightened and stressed. They also may be suffering from burns and smoke inhalation – some may be orphaned and many will be starving.



Help for Wildlife Inc. has been committed heavily for many years to bushfire rescue and has attended most major incidents for some years.

Our hand picked teams are all highly trained and all work to Standard Operating Procedures. We are supported by a team of voluntary Vets and Vet Nurses - their work is done quietly, without fuss and usually without media attention. We are focused on doing what they can to help wildlife in need whether it is bushfire, oil spill, flood or any emergency requiring their help.

The toll on our rescue teams is enormous. The sadness of seeing burnt and suffering wildlife is traumatic. Some of us have described it as gut wrenching - it never leaves you. You never forget their sad, helpless but still hopefull eyes. We mourn for those which we have lost.



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