Kim Hunter, Kinglake


W: N/A
P: 0421 473 358

Carer: Kim Hunter
Kinglake, Victoria
Animals: Young animals.

Focus: Recovery

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Kim Hunter Kinglake





While fighting the fires in and around Kinglake protecting other people's homes, wildlife foster carer and CFA Volunteer Kim Hunter lost her own home, her dog and a wombat that was in her care.

With virtually everything she owned burnt during the recent bushfires, Kim needs to start all over again. At this moment she is staying in a small hire caravan on the property of friends in Kinglake West.

This caravan is (if nothing else can be found for her in the region of Kinglake ) where she has to face the cold Kinglake winter and another twelve to eighteen months waiting for her house to be rebuild.

Anyone who is in the position or knows a possibility to assist Kim start rebuilding her life again please contact us.









Category / Requirement Need Cost Donate / Info
MEDICAL SUPPLIES - With more and more animals being brought in, we have an ongoing and increasing need for medical supplies. Donate
Heat Pads
Electric 20 x 30cm / 30 x 40cm pet heat pads. They are available from pet wholesalers or pet stores.

2 $60 - 80 Contact us
Humidi Crib
Animal Intensive Care Unit for our neonates (Vetario S20).

1 $1,600 Contact us



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