Animal Rescue, Recovery, Rehabilitation and Release is not possible without the hard work of many volunteers.

These volunteers won't be able to provide the professional support for our wildlife without financial support. This section contains an overview of the currently available grants.


For Wildlife Carers the following grants are available from various organisations. Please contact the organisations directly for more information or contact us if you need assistance or require additional information.

IMPORTANT: Although we take great care in collecting and summarizing information about grants we can't guarantee nor be held responsible for any incorrect information. Allways check with the responsible organisation whether grants are still available and conditions to apply haven't changed. If you have found new information and/or updates for any of the grants mentioned below we appreciate it if you contact us.

INJURED ANIMALS - Wildlife Shelters and Foster Carers who care for animals that were injured during the bushfires are offered a $500 - $1000 grant via the Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal. For more information please contact Philip.

BUSHFIRE DAMAGE - Wildlife Shelters and Foster Carers who have suffered damage to their shelter facilities during the bushfires can claim compensation (if not done via any other grant already) via the Wildlife Victoria Bushfire Appeal. The grant amounts approved for shelters who have suffered damage are between $4,000 and $50,000. In total $150,000 has been allocated at this moment. For more information please contact Philip.

RESCUE VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers who have been active during the rescue activities will be granted a fixed compensation for the costs they have made. The exact amount will be determined early May. For more information please contact Philip.

DAMAGE & INVOLVEMENT DURING BUSHFIRES - The Victorian Government has made up to $350,000 available via the Bushfire Wildlife Volunteer’s Grant Program to assist volunteer wildlife rehabilitators, foster carers, and veterinarians in their efforts to rescue, treat and rehabilitate wildlife injured by fires. Who is elligible? For more information please check the DSE Website.

Licensed Wildlife Shelter Operators whose shelters have been destroyed or damaged by the fires. Up to $2,000 per shelter
Licensed Wildlife Shelter Operators Up to $1,000 per shelter
Registered Foster Carers Up to $300 per person
Registered Veterinarians Up to $500 per person

WILDLIFE REHABILITATION COSTS - Via the RSPCA Bushfire Relief Fund registered volunteer wildlife organisations and carers are supported by purchasing nesting boxes, native feed and other essential needs for the rehabilitation of wildlife populations affacted by the bushfires. For more information see the RSPCA Website.