As you can imagine, our world stopped turning for a while on August 6, 2009 with the passing of Sam(antha the Koala) and for many people it felt the same. Our thoughts are still with Sam and the many thousands of animals that died during and shortly after the recent Victorian bushfires.

As you probably know Sam was treated and taken care of in the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter by Colleen Wood.


The passing of Sam(antha) triggered a stream of responses from all over the world. "The symbol of hope for so many people around the world was the great picture of that wonderful koala being fed water by one of our firefighters" - Kevin Rudd

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07 Aug 2009 [13:12] - We're both very sorry and sad to hear about Sam. The whole World will be sadden by her passing.

07 Aug 2009 [05:11] Christine Boles - I just wanted to tell you it broke my heart to hear about Sams passing.  It brought tears to my eyes. I hope she continues on in some way to represent your facility and its good works.  I was so hoping she would have a much better outcome.
Whatever happened to Bob the Koala that was comforting her upon her arrival at your facility?
I am sure the people there are devestated as well.  But I know she had the best care and made many new friends and that your facility will continue in that vein. 
Thanks for the memories ! ! !

06 Aug 2009 [15:39] - Chris Priestley - Thank you so much for looking after Sam the koala. I am up set the little one did not make it. God bless you all and rest in piece Sam.
I was thinking is there any way we could have national appeal day like the Good Friday appeal but for all the animals that need help. It could provide more care facilities and medical equipment for sick, injuried and homeless animals. Maybe during it they could hold up some animals and try to find them homes. Millions of people would see each animal and it could be the start of a great life for them.
Just an idea. I dont know how to organise it but if you guys have any ideas maybe you could pass it on to the right people.